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Planare Rekonstruction

Detection of Planar Patches

To incorporate coplanarity constraints into a 3-D reconstruction step, the coplanarity has to be detected automatically from the measured images alone. We present methods to solve this task and also show limits, where the problem becomes ill-posed and unsolvable.   

Tracking Planar Objects

Several rigidly aligned 3-D planes can be tracked more efficiently, if knowledge about their rigid alignment is exploited. We present and compare several ways to incorporate this knowledge into the tracking process and show that a significantly higher robustness can be achieved with regard to occlusions and illumination changes.  

Reconstruction in Planar Scenes

Most solutions to the structure from motion problem are matching features between images in a first step and then extracting 3d information from the feature positions in a distinct, second step. Instead we formulate a combined approach with a single error function, leading to a close coupling and increased robustness in both steps.