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CVPR workshop papers accepted

We got two CVPR workshop papers accepted:

  1. Erik Rodner and Marcel Simon and Gunnar Brehm and Stephanie Pietsch and J. Wolfgang Wägele and Joachim Denzler. Fine-grained Recognition Datasets for Biodiversity Analysis. CVPR Workshop on Fine-grained Visual Classification (CVPR-WS). 2015
    Cooperation project with the Phyletisches Museum Jena and the Zoological Research Museum Alexander Koenig in Bonn.
  2. Clemens-Alexander Brust and Sven Sickert and Marcel Simon and Erik Rodner and Joachim Denzler. Efficient Convolutional Patch Networks for Scene Understanding. CVPR Workshop on Scene Understanding (CVPR-WS). 2015.
    Follow-up paper extending our VISAPP publication with respect to fully convolutional architectures.
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