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Cavy Dataset

The Cavy Dataset

The Cavy dataset contains a variety of conditions that have been taken from a stationary camera. As can be observed in the below figure , sequences are recorded from different views with changing illumination and in different periods. It contains
16 sequences with 640 × 480 resolutions recorded at 7.5 frames per second (fps) with approximately 31621506 frames in total (272 GB). The sequences are recorded non-synchronously and stored in ppm

The Cavy dataset can be useful in many disciplines, in addition to computer vision, since the dataset is taken at various time, it may help the biologists to study and monitor the cavies behavior in specific periods.

Sample of frames have taken from different angles and at different time:



Figure 1. Sequences are recorded from different views with changing illumination.

Interaction Samples

The dominant interactions performed by two or three cavies at different locations as shown in Table 1. Some interactions are shown in Figure 2

Table 1. Interactions description

Interaction Description
Approach One object approaches to another(s) object(s)
Split Object(s) split from one another
Ingroup Several objects are close to each other and with small moving
Fight Objects fighting each other
Follow Object(s) following other

Figure 2. Some interactions presented in the Cavy Dataset



Ali Al-Raziqi and Joachim Denzler. Unsupervised Framework for Interactions Modeling between Multiple Objects. Proceedings of the 11th International Joint Conference on Computer Vision, Imaging and Computer Graphics Theory and Applications. 509-516. 2016.

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