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Jobs and Applications

Each application for a PhD position or internship shall refer to at least one of our current research projects, including a reasonable explanation why you want to work in this area. Without such a link, the application will be disregarded immediately without notice. In addition, each cover letter must contain the following sentence: „I am eager to work in computer vision“ (at any place, included in the text in a reasonable manner).

Computer Vision Group Jena

Our group is a young and vibrant, international team, actively publishing at major computer vision conferences (CVPR, ECCV, ICCV). We are currently developing several parallel research lines including biomedical image analysis, image understanding, and life-long learning. One of the focuses of our group is to model the life-long, incremental learning cycle for machine vision systems. Research in this area involves projects on active learning, novelty detection, large-scale Gaussian processes, and transfer learning, with applications such as activity recognition in video sequences, event detection in biomedical applications, as well as fine-grained recognition. For more details please visit

Current Job Offerings:

Doctoral researcher on the project: Deep State-Space Models for Understanding Changes in Ecosystems. (PDF)