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EU Moths Dataset

This dataset consists of 200 moth species common in Central Europe. Each of the species is represented by roughly 11 images. In total, there are 2205 images.

Class Labels and validation split

For the experiments in our paper "Moth Detection and Classification", we split the dataset in four splits (552 images in the first split and 551 in the other three). We used the first split for the evaluation and the other three for training of the classifier.

Bounding box annotations

Additionally to the class labels, we manually annotated* bounding boxes around the single insects.


This dataset was acquired by the Zoologisches Forschungsmuseum Alexander Koenig, and in the context of the AMMOD project, we have the permission to provide this dataset publicly. The photographer is Dr. Josef Bücker.


There are two versions of the dataset:

Additional Web-Data

For this paper, we used additional data downloaded from the Internet. The download list for the images can be found here:
To avoid automatic downloads and unreasonable load on our server, you need to enter a password ("eu_moths_download")


Uncropped images with bounding box annotations Cropped images
Uncropped examples with bounding box Cropped examples

* Many thanks to Christoph Theiß