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Dr. Björn Fröhlich

Former Research Associate


Daimler AG

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Research Interests

  • Semantic Segmentation, Pixelwise Labeling, Object Discovery
  • Local Feature Extraction, Classification and unsupervised Segmentation


summer 2010

  • exercise for lecture "Einführung in die Bildinformatik"
  • exercise for lecture "Programmieren in C++"
  • exercise for lecture "Objektorientierte Programmierung mit C++"
  • exercise for lecture "Informatik für Studenten der Physik"

winter 2010/11

  • exercise for lecture "Informatik für Studenten der Werkstoffwissenschaften"
  • exercise for lecture "Analysis I für Elektrotechniker (FH)"
  • exercise for lecture "Algebra für Elektrotechniker (FH)"

Short CV

  • 2004-2009 Diploma in computer science at the university of Jena
  • Main focus of studies: computer vision
  • Since 2009: PhD student of Prof. Denzler
  • Student research project: "Recognizing Speed Limits on Traffic Signs"
  • Diploma thesis: "Semantic Segmentation"

sampleinput_02            sample_01
Sample for Semantic Segmentation