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Multi Camera Systems


A multi camera system, also known as a camera network, consists of a set of cameras, communication infrastructure and computation units. Typically, each camera is connected to a PC and the PCs are connected to a common network.


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For most tasks, a multi camera system has to be calibrated. Depending on the application, the type of calibration information which is required can be very different. Possible calibrations vary from a simple neighborhood structure identifying cameras with a common field of view to a full metric calibration, which consists of the internal parameters of each camera as well as the (relative) positions and orientations of the cameras.


Depending on the type of calibration that is required, there are several possibilities to estimate the calibration of a given multi camera system. For practical purposes it is often desirable to calibrate a system without using any known calibration patterns in the scene. In case of cameras mounted onto pan-tilt-units, the intrinsic parameters can be estimated by rotational self-calibration methods.


Once the intrinsic parameters are known, the extrinsic parameters of the system can be estimated based on epipolar geometry algorithms. We refer to the following list of publications for more information.